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Benefits of Body Contouring Surgery :

Body Contouring Cost In Hyderabad ranges between Rs. 1 Lakh - Rs. 4 Lakh.

  • It simultaneously targets different body sites at a time. Thus, it is a convenient option for anyone requiring correction of multiple body parts.
  • It involves a set of safe, trusted plastic surgery procedures.
  • It provides one with well-defined and shaped body parts, a youthful and slimmer figure, smoother skin, and symptomatic improvements.
  • The results appear and feel natural. They are more immediately visible and stay for lifelong.  
  • With improved body contours, the patients feel comfortable and confident with their looks. Their self-esteem and confidence get boosted.

Meet the Surgeon

Dr. Deepthi, is the best female plastic surgeon in Hyderabad who comprehensively understands the challenges women face regarding body image and societal pressures. She is well-versed in the influence of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and hormonal changes on a woman’s body. This mastership enables her to provide personalised advice and develop treatment plans to manage their patients’ needs.

Body Contouring Surgery in  Hyderabad, is a subset of plastic surgery, involves procedures designed to shape and sculpt the body. It encompasses many treatments, including liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentations or reductions, and buttock enhancements. To deliver the patients the best outcomes, she prioritises empowering their patients to make informed decisions about their bodies rather than conforming to external pressures.


Body Contouring in Hyderabad, India

Every woman wants a fine-tuned body. However, most of them fail to have a perfectly sculpted body due to massive weight loss caused by diet modifications, weight-loss surgery, or pregnancy/childbirth. But, the good news is that now it’s possible to have a well-contoured physique with body contouring in Hyderabad performed at Eternelle Aesthetics.

What is Body contouring?

Body contouring or sculpting refers to the surgical or non-surgical intervention of technologies to reduce or remove undesirable or stubborn deposits of body fat and/or loose skin.

It is mostly adopted by many females to sculpt body areas like the waist, buttocks, upper and lower abdomen, face/chin/neck area, arms, and inner/outer thighs.


Suitable candidates for Female Body Contouring in Hyderabad

  • Any adult female who is committed to leading a healthy, active lifestyle but needs extra help with some trouble areas of excess body fat and cellulite.
  • Women with healthy body weight that has been stabilised for at least 6 months.
  • Non-smokers and non-alcoholic
  • Healthy individuals who have realistic goals and expectations regarding their aesthetic surgery.
  • Females with a positive body image and are emotionally prepared for the changes coming with body contouring.
  • Females with realistic expectations regarding the outcomes of body contouring procedures.

Before Body contouring

Before the body contouring surgery, the patient meets the aesthetic plastic surgeon and discusses:

  • Her goals and expectations.
  • Her complete medical records, including health status, history of medical treatments or surgeries, and allergies (if any).
  • Her current intake of medications and herbal/vitamin supplements.
  • Her use of substances like alcohol, narcotic drugs, and tobacco.

On behalf of the surgeon, the following activities take place:

  • A complete examination of the body site to be operated and measurement of the area(s) that the patient wishes to change.
  • Drawing out the area(s) to be operated with a pen or marker.
  • Clicking pictures for medical records.
  • Discussion about surgical procedures and making recommendations to the patient.
  • Reviewing the surgical options and potential risks as well as discussion of the anaesthesia.
  • Sharing information to the patient regarding the procedure including risks and benefits.

The pre-surgical recommendations given by the surgeon include:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid taking certain blood thinning medications such as NSAIDs and aspi-rin and herbal/vitamin supplements.
  • Avoid sun exposure.

Body Contouring Surgery Procedure:

ody contouring surgery in Hyderabad usually involves different procedures carried out in a single session. As every patient who opts for body contouring comes up with distinctive body aesthetic concerns and unique anatomy, every procedure is personalised.

In general, the female plastic surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics with her team performs body contouring surgery in the following way:

Before commencing the surgery, the surgeon marks the sites to be operated on.

  1. The patient is asked to lie down on an operating table and the surgeon performs safety checks with anaesthesia.
  2. Next, a licensed anesthesiologist administers local or general anaesthesia. The type of anaesthesia provided to the patient is chosen based on the surgical procedure, the patient’s preferences, and the surgeon’s recommendation. Before giving anaesthesia, the skin of the surgical site is cleaned properly.
  3. Once the anaesthesia has taken its effect, the body contouring doctor in Hyderabad starts making incisions in the marked body areas. These incisions are made based on the surgical procedure to be performed.
  4. Through the incisions, the surgeon cuts, repositions, or shapes out tissues and extra, stubborn fat to create the appearance that the patient desires to have. The extra skin is trimmed by the surgeon and the extra fat is suctioned using liposuction alone or in combination with other procedures. Thereafter, the remaining skin is placed back over the newly-positioned contours for a toned appearance.
  5. In some cases, the surgeon even tightens the underlying muscles. This is especially done in abdominoplasty. Also, there may be procedures wherein implants are used like breast augmentation.
  6. Lastly, the surgeon closes the incisions. Firstly, layered suturing is performed and then the skin cuts are closed using stitches, surgical tapes, or surgical adhesives.
  7. After completing all these steps, the surgeon applies sterile dressings.

Different Surgical Body Contouring Procedures:

The patient may require any combination of the below-mentioned surgical procedures to achieve the desired body image. Following are the best body contouring treatment in Hyderabad:

  • Liposuction– It is one of the most promising weight loss contouring treatments in Hyderabad. This procedure helps one get rid of exercise-resistant fat pockets from various body parts and helps one get a toned body shape. Fat cells are removed from the body during this surgery, often combined with tummy tuck surgery for best outcomes.
  • Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)– This is for women having large breasts and who want relief from the associated problems such as aching shoulders, headaches, neck aches, lower backaches, and chronic infections. The surgery involves the removal of the extra breast or fatty tissues in one or both breasts through the incision made around the nipple or/and areolae down to the breast crease.
  • Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty)– It is opted by women who want voluptuous breasts, bigger breasts, and a change in their breast shape. It is either done using breast implants or by autologous fat transfer. The former involves making an incision below the breast tissues or the chest muscles and then placing the silicone or saline breast implant. The latter approach involves the liposuction technique to take out extra fat from other body areas and then injecting the processed fat into the breasts.
  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy)– It is done to raise the sagging breasts and reduce the areola size in women. The surgery involves the removal of excess hanging breast skin and tightening of the surrounding breast tissues for a more youthful, breast contour. There is even repositioning of the nipple and areola.
  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)– It is designed to eliminate loose belly skin and extra fat and tighten the abdominal muscles. After this surgery, the abdomen appears trimmed and taut. The tummy becomes flatter and slimmer and there is a reduction in stretch marks. Based on the extent of the surgery and the incision technique being used, tummy tucks can be of different types. These include full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, reverse tension tummy tuck, lateral tension tummy tuck, and modified tummy tuck.
  • Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)– It is performed to improve the sagging appearance of the underside of the upper arms. The surgery involves the removal of extra skin and fat between the armpit and elbows. There are different types of Brachioplasty: Standard Brachioplasty, Limited-incision Brachioplasty, Extended Brachioplasty, and Liposuction.
  • Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)– This surgery is designed to improve the looks of the inner and/or outer thighs by reducing extra skin and/or extra fat. It can be performed to tighten the skin of the thighs, enhance thigh contours, and improve physical discomfort caused by loose, flabby skin.
  • Butt Lift (Buttock augmentation/ enhancement)– It is the surgery to improve butt appearance by changing its shape, size, and volume. The surgery includes the removal of extra butt skin, skin tightening, and liposuction to transfer fat from other body areas to the buttocks, or the butt implants.
  • Neck Lift (lower Rhytidectomy): A neck lift is the best procedure if a woman wants to improve their neck appearance and achieve a more balanced and proportionate figure. This cosmetic surgical procedure aims at improving the appearance of the neck and addressing sagging or excess skin, muscle banding, and the accumulation of fat deposits.

Body contouring surgeries are performed by experts at Eternelle Aesthetic, plastic surgery clinic in Hyderabad. The overall procedure can take 45 minutes to several hours, depending on what the patient has decided to undergo.


Results and Recovery

The healing period after surgical body contouring can last anywhere from weeks to months. The timing depends upon the length of the incision made and the extent of the surgery.

Most of the body contouring surgical procedures are outpatient and so the patient is free to return home the very same day of her operation. However, the patient needs a driver to go back home and a caretaker at least for the first night of her recovery. Sometimes, the patient would require placement of a thin, drainage tube near one or more incisions to remove extra fluids or blood and prevent swelling.

Following the female body contouring surgery in Hyderabad, the patient is provided with some recovery instructions by the surgeon. These may include: 

  • Protecting the operated area from direct sun exposure by avoiding going outdoors during the daytime and wearing sun-protective clothing if going outside is necessary.
  • Caring for surgical incisions and drains.
  • Wearing compression garments to alleviate swelling and general discomfort.
  • Minding body activities, but ambulating to avoid having blood clots.
  • Taking prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to manage pain and prevent infections.

Body Contouring Cost In Hyderabad

Body Contouring Cost In Hyderabad ranges between Rs. 1 Lakh - Rs. 4 Lakh.

Body contouring is an advanced plastic surgery used to reduce or remove undesirable or stubborn deposits of body fat and/or loose skin from varied body areas. We at Eternelle Aesthetics provide the best body contouring cost in Hyderabad. The cost of the procedure depends on varied factors such as the type of body area targeted, the technique used, the surgeon’s expertise, the state of the candidate, and other factors.

Note: As it is a cosmetic procedure, it will not be covered by insurance.

To learn how much it would cost you, book an appointment with our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Deepthi Devarakonda, now!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I go for body contouring?

Surgical body contouring procedures results are for a lifetime. However, if you have opted for non-surgical body contouring, you will need multiple sessions. The number of your treatment sessions will depend upon your goals, how much time will your body need to adapt, and the size of the area to be sculpted.

2. Does body contouring have any side effects?

All body contouring procedures have some potential side effects and risks or complications. The treatment is safe if a certified healthcare provider or skilled aesthetic plastic surgeon is chosen by the patient. However, the common side effects are swelling, bruising, and numbness at the treatment site.

3. Which is better: non-invasive or invasive body contouring?

Surgical body contouring involves liposuction techniques to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat and excision techniques to eliminate extra skin. It provides lifetime results and can be performed on most body sites including arms, stomach, legs, back, and even the smaller areas like the neck.

Non-surgical body contouring mostly involves the use of specially designed heat-based technology like laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency to create controlled thermal injury of the targeted body fat. The injury of the adipocytes signals the body to eliminate the extra, unwanted body fats via the lymphatic system in several weeks.

The non-surgical body contouring procedures are usually well-tolerated by the people and are associated with minimal risks and complications as well as downtime. The post-procedural pain and discomfort are very little.

For more information on body contouring cost in Hyderabad, book a visit with Dr. Deepthi,  at Eternelle Aesthetics.


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